Our mission is to honor, assist and recognize the sacrifices made by our warriors and their families. 

Our purpose:

  • Make known and seek the public's aid for the warrior returning, as well as their family, who is struggling emotionally.
  • To assist through counseling the families who have lost a loved one in their military service to our country.
  • To meet material needs and make referrals to the warrior and their family.
  • To reach out in a safe and non-threatening environment to those who are hurting due to trauma in battle.
  • To reach out to young people who may be dealing with decision-making and finding their purpose in life.

Joshua's Mission is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The donations we receive help to guide through counseling the warrior's emotional status, to counsel one on one with a warrior's family who sacrificed their life, to help financially the warrior and/or their family with material needs and through referral get them greater resources.

By supporting Joshua's Mission you can help change a life who has unselfishly given of themselves to keep us free.